Cleaning in Halifax

There are more than 800,000 people involved in the cleaning services industry in the United Kingdom and many of those are cleaning in Halifax. These dedicated individuals have the experience to clean any of the dwellings and business premises. They can be found cleaning homes, the office where you work and the factory that makes the things you use every day. Mrs Mopps Cleaning Services Ltd specialises in cleaning in Halifax and surrounding areas.

Mrs Mopps Cleaning Services will know what is to be cleaned in your home, based on their knowlege of cleanliness and on taking instruction from the client. Areas such as the kitchen and the toilet in particular are areas which must be sanitary to protect your family from the germs that would otherwise be present on all surfaces.

Offices have a lot of people passing through them every day, and this can cause problems such as germs, allergens and bacterias that can be passed around. Our cleaners will clean all surfaces, sweep and mop or vacuum floors and see to it that all is ready for you and your employees in the morning.

The factories have many people in them who have to work in a clean environment. The dirt and dust that can be accumulated in any manufacturing plant must be kept to a minimum.

Contract and Domestic Cleaning in Halifax

The piece of mind that you can gain from choosing Mrs Mopps Cleaning Services for your home or business cleaning requirements is something that can not be underestimated. We are your local trustworthy professional cleaning company in Halifax so give us a call on  (01422) 321217 or Mob: 07914 255822 to discuss your cleaning requirements.

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