How To Combat Pet Stains And Odours

Combating pet stains and odoursWhen Tiddles lives up to his name it can be a real problem. Here are our tips for combating -pet stains and odours. Pet urine and also faeces can leave a permanent odour that attracts the animal back again and again to use the area as a toilet. Even when you can no longer smell anything amiss, you can bet that your pet will be able to. Animals are attracted by the scent of a previously used toilet area and the inappropriate use can become a bad habit leading to a pervading odour and staining of carpets, furnishings and even walls and other hard surfaces.

How to remove pet stains and odours

You will need to completely remove the toilet accident, pong and all. Any slight trace of odour will attract your pet to soil the area again. To do this, remove any solid material as much as possible. Blot the area with paper towels to remove as much wet as possible.

Pour clean water on the area and blot again with dry paper towels. Repeat until there is no stain on the paper towels. ┬áNext use an enzyme digester product especially designed to break down pet odours and stains such as Odour Eliminator by Simple Solutions (available in most pet stores) or Urine Eliminator by Rug Doctor. Spray the product onto the area, saturating well. If the soiling has gone all the way through the carpet then you will need to saturate with the solution all the way through as well. Leave the solution wet to work it’s magic for at least an hour but preferably overnight. During this time, enzymes will get to work breaking down the organic components of the soiling. Blot dry with paper towels. Avoid walking on the area until dry.

Depending on how old the soiling is, you may need one or two repeat applications of the enzyme digester to completely remove pet stains and odours.

Preventing pets from re-soiling

The best way to combat pet stains and odours is to prevent soiling from occurring, but accidents do happen. In particular, take care once you have cleaned up the soiling to prevent it happening again. ┬áKeep a close eye on pets until you are satisfied that you have removed 100% of the odour. The pet may have been using the area for a while and developed a habit which may linger even if the pong is completely removed. You will need to break this habit. Cat’s and dog’s will sniff around the area before eliminating. Make the area smell unpleasant to them using Citronella. It has a nice lemony smell but pets hate it! Alternatively use a proprietary cat or dog deterrent spray such as Get Off.

Make sure there is a clean litter tray for your cat, but not too clean that they don’t know it’s their toilet! The cat litter tray needs some scent to attract the cat to use it but the cat will be put off by a dirty litter tray full of wet clumps and poop.

Make sure you learn to spot when your dog needs to go out and let him out, giving lots of praise for eliminating outside rather than on your carpet!

Get a black light (UV light). This will show up urine stains that may be invisible to the naked eye. Check floors and If you have a male dog or cat then check around the edges of walls skirting boards, round cat flaps etc for little territory markers.

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