Say No To Spray Polish For Wood

Spray polish for woodWhen it comes to convenience, spray on furniture polish such as Pledge and Mr Sheen have become popular household cleaning aids. These polishes contain various cleaning compounds, solvents and waxes including silicones and beeswax. The product manufacturers make many claims including claims that the product will nourish the wood. These spray polishes have been popular for decades now. However, there are good reasons why you should ditch the spray polish for wood for good.

3 Reasons Why You Should Ditch The Spray Polish Now!

Reason number 1

Most modern furniture is finished with a completely impenetrable lacquer. This means that any beeswax or other wood conditioner that the manufacturer claims is in their product will not be able to penetrate the wood and nourish it in any way.

Reason number 2

Spray polish for wood attracts dust. Yes that’s right, it actually attracts dust. When you spray polish onto a surface some of the polish becomes airborne trapping dust particles in the air which then slowly sink onto your newly polished surface.

Reason number 3

Aerosol spray polishes contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are are irritants. These solvents are routinely added to aerosol spray polishes and other cleaning products as well as air fresheners, paint, deodorants and hairspray.

The best way to clean your wood surfaces

As I have already stated, most modern furniture finishes do not benefit in any way from spray on furniture polish. Antique furniture or furniture with special finishes such as teak oil or French Polished furniture will also not benefit from a coat of spray polish for wood. Specialist surfaces in particular benefit from polish free cleaning with the occasional special clean for which you should seek specialist advice as to whether wax or finishing oil should be used on your particular furniture pieces.

Microfibre polish free cleaning

Microfibre cloths are amazing cleaning aids that will not only clean better than the traditional duster and polish method but they will save you a fortune on unnecessary cleaning products such as spray polishes. For effective dust removal you should choose split fibre microfibre cloths. A split fibre microfibre cloth will not be absorbent  but it will attract dirt like a magnet. The microfibres are positively charged whilst dust is negatively charged. This means that any dust removed during the cleaning process stays in the cloth until you launder it. Just remember when you launder these cloths not to add fabric conditioner as that will ruin their dust attracting qualities.

Spray polish for wood is a totally unnecessary item cluttering up your cleaning cupboard so ditch it today, save money and get better results. For professional Domestic cleaning in Halifax then call Mrs Mopps on 01422 321217 or Mobile 07914 255822.

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